Unless you’re made of money, you will be quite disappointed when your shoes inevitably wear out after only a few months. “What?”, you might say, “I shelled out 135 bucks for those like… like… yesterday!” Well, welcome to the cold hard truth of the climber’s reality! Due to the softness of sticky rubber (God’s gift to man), and the abrasiveness of rock or plastic, climbing shoes wear out quickly! But wait, there’s good news! Only the rubber wears out while the rest of the shoe is generally unscathed, albeit stinky. Send your smelly shoes to us, don’t worry, our sense of smell is dulled; we will repair the soles, and voila!-you have a new pair of shoes for only 30-50 dollars! Plus you don’t have any uncomfortable break-in time. In fact, many climbers actually prefer climbing on resoled shoes over brand-new shoes!