Why get your climbing shoe resoled?

Unless you’re made of money, you will be quite disappointed when your shoes inevitably wear out after only a few months. “What?”, you might say, “I shelled out 135 bucks for those like… like… yesterday!” Well, welcome to the cold hard truth of the climber’s reality! Due to the softness of sticky rubber (God’s gift to man), and the abrasiveness of rock or plastic, climbing shoes wear out quickly! But wait, there’s good news! Only the rubber wears out while the rest of the shoe is generally unscathed, albeit stinky. Send your smelly shoes to us, don’t worry, our sense of smell is dulled; we will repair the soles, and voila!-you have a new pair of shoes for only 30-50 dollars! Plus you don’t have any uncomfortable break-in time. In fact, many climbers actually prefer climbing on resoled shoes over brand-new shoes!

Why Choose the Friction Fix?

The Babkirks have been climbing for twenty years and have been resoling shoes for eighteen. We have perfected our work because we climb on our resoles and want the best shoe performance possible. And we treat your shoes as if they were our own!

How many times can I get my shoes resoled?

Most shoes can be resoled 2-4 times. Slippers seem to fall apart or stretch out more quickly, whereas boot-like shoes last forever. But most importantly – if your shoes are fitting you well and the uppers are in decent shape, we can resole them.

What are toe rands and when do I need to replace them?

The toe rand is the rubber that covers the toe of the shoe and wraps under the sole. You will need to replace the rand if there is a hole, tear, or weakness at or above the seam where the sole meets the rand. To assess: press on the rand and feel for weaknesses in the rubber. Generally, if one shoe has an obvious hole, the other shoe probably has a weakness also.

What is a half-sole?

The part of the sole that gets worn out and needs to be replaced is the front toe area on the bottom of the shoe. We strip away the old front half and replace it with new sole material.

When should I resole my shoes?

To get the most life out of your shoe and the most bang for your buck, send your shoes to us for a half-sole when the sole is almost paper-thin, before you wear through to the underlying rand rubber.

Is rand work necessary ?

If rand work is necessary, the Friction Fix will make the decision to replace. Sometimes it is obvious if a shoe needs a new rand, and sometimes it isn’t so apparent. Jason will have to strip the shoe before he knows if a replacement is needed. If a rand is needed, Jason will put one on and the customer will need to cover the cost. If a shoe needs rand replacement and doesn’t get it, the old rand will just rip open after a climb or two and ruin the resole.